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How to Fix a Deadbolt Lock?

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How to Fix a Deadbolt Lock?

Deadbolt Lock | Locksmith Houston, TX

A deadbolt lock offers maximum homeowner’s protection against burglars that average door lock cannot. Since deadbolts are used every day without giving a thought to maintenanceת one םf these days it will refuse to open. When fixing a deadbolt lock, you should learn the various methods of repair. If your house has a deadbolt lock, here are the steps to follow for repairing it.

Loosen the lock and check the alignment

First of all, open the door and tighten the hinge screws with a screwdriver. If the screw doesn't tighten, replace it with a 2.5 inch wood screw to easily bite into the wall stud. Stabilize the hinges when tightening the screws to correct the problem. If the problem still persists, extend the bolt. To check the alignment, ensure that the bolt aligns properly with the strike plate. When the hinges shift, misalignment occurs. In this case, realign those using wood filler, and then if necessary, drill the hole again for the bolt.

Considerations for alignment

If the misalignment is greater than 1/8 inch, unscrew and remove the strike, squeeze out the opening and reposition the strike to line up with the new opening. Afterwards, use epoxy putty to fill the screw holes, and drill another hole for screws.

When to replace a deadbolt lock

When simple repairs do not solve the problem, replacing a deadbolt lock becomes necessary. However, a few instances allow for an easy lock repair. First, make sure that the problem is with the deadbolt and not the key. As time passes by, the key loses its shape, making it difficult to lock and unlock the door. If a key replacement does not solve the problem, then lock replacement is necessary. Another thing, if both the doorknob and deadbolt are out of alignment, that's a good sign that the hinges are loose. If not, it may be caused by foundation settling.

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